Freight Forwarder
Also for conditions for the import of exhibition parts please contact with our official forwarder with this information:


Tehran Rakhsh Co.

Tel: (0098 - 21) 88 87 83 60
Fax: (0098 - 21) 88 87 83 66

E-mail:   ,

Managing Director: Mr K.Emrani  OR Mrs. Peykan


Arrival Dates: Failure to comply with the latest shipping dates below could result in non-arrival or late delivery of Exhibits.

Deadlines of:

- Shipment arriving by Sea Freight to Iran Port: 1 month prior to the Show.

- Shipment arriving by Airfreight to Tehran Airport:3 weeks prior to the Show.
-Shipment arriving by Truck to Tehran: 2 weeks prior to the show